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Bodum Brazil French Press

The Bodum Brazil 8-cup french press coffee maker is an exceptional surrogate to start your morning, this coffee maker renders an options of 8 cups or 8 cups and 8 cups. The black design is prime for any office or home.

4 Minute Brew Time

Bodum French Press Microwave Safe

The Bodum french press coffee maker is a valuable for coffee lovers on a budget, it is a small form factor, fast servicer and uncomplicated to use, so you can get the best coffee in the most basic way. The Bodum french press coffee maker is in like manner so you can your coffee needs without having to worry about how to clean it, so you can easily get your required level of coffee. The Bodum Brazil french press coffee maker is a fantastic alternative to get your coffee started the right way with coffee, this coffee maker provides an 3 cup capacity and it comes with a black finish. It is fabricated from durable plastic and it is located on the side of the coffee maker, the Bodum french press coffee maker is an excellent substitute to make coffee in more ways than just using it as a coffee maker. This coffee maker can be used as a coffee maker as well as a carafe, the Bodum brazilian french press is an unequaled substitute to enjoy a delicious coffee with just three cups. This coffee french press features a smooth, creamy hue of black, making it a sensational substitute for coffee lovers hunting for a good measure of coffee flavor, the Bodum french press is likewise stainless steel and plastic-free, making it effortless and convenient to use. To use the Bodum Brazil french press, place the coffee maker into the water position and connect it to the power position, once connected, hold on to the top of the coffee maker and push and pull the plunger to release the coffee. The coffee will start to flow into the coffee maker from the four sides of the body and will be pour down the neck of the coffee maker, pour the coffee into the coffee maker and enjoy.